Course Delivery

To better fit the needs of our learners and accommodate a range of learning preferences, we design courses to take advantage of online and in-person settings. Course formats are outlined below. Please review the course details to learn more about how a specific course or program will be offered. 



Learners may participate from any location.

Real-Time Delivery

  • Classes are scheduled at regular/specific dates and times and take place using a web-conferencing system.
  • Provides the ability to attend live lectures and interact with the instructor and classmates in real-time.


  • Course activities are conducted through a course website and must be completed by specific dates, but there are no regular, required class meetings (asynchronous). May include a limited number of real-time class meetings, which will normally be recorded for learners unable to attend.
  • Progress through the course on a schedule facilitated by an instructor and interacting with a group of classmates.

Guided Self-Paced

  • Coursework can be started and completed any time between the course start and end dates. Assignments may have due dates to allow for feedback and revision.
  • Work at a flexible pace with instructor feedback.



Most class activities take place at a specific physical location at scheduled meeting times.



Group-paced formats that leverage both online and in-person settings.


  • Class meetings and activities are a blend of in-person and online, as outlined in the course information.
  • Leverages both methods to provide a fixed schedule that enables multiple forms of interaction with instructors and classmates.

Hybrid (Dual Delivery)

  • Primary class activities can be joined in-person or online via real-time web conferencing.
  • Provides the flexibility to attend in-person or online, in alignment with your situation and preference.