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About CPE and Credentials

Continuing and Professional Education offers opportunities to enhance your knowledge, skills and competencies and help your get to the next stage of your learning journey. These offerings reflect UBCO’s commitment to sharing our expertise and building new relationships with the diverse communities with whom we work and serve.

Non-credit offerings through Continuing and Professional Education are intended for learners interested in learning new skills, upgrading existing skills, or enriching their knowledge and understanding of a specific topic areas. Non-credit classes are not applicable toward degrees, while credit courses are typically part of a degree program. Many of our offerings are designed so that learners can earn a non-credit credential.

UBC Okanagan Continuing and Professional Education courses and programs provide the opportunity to earn one or more of the following credentials:

    1. Letter of Attendance
    2. Letter of Completion
    3. Letter of Proficiency
    4. Non-Credit Certificate

Learn more about UBC non-credit credentials.

Micro-credentials are stand-alone, short-duration learning experiences that are competency-based, align with industry, employer and community and Indigenous community needs, and can be assessed and recognized for employment or learning purposes.

More on micro-credentials


Courses and Registration

Continuing and Professional Education courses and programs at UBC Okanagan are open to all individuals aged 18 years and over. Please review the course details for all eligibility requirements.

Some exceptions may apply. 

Please use our How to Enrol guide for a detailed overview of how to register for a course. If you cannot enrol due to technical difficulties, please contact support.

The start date of your course will vary depending on your course. For more information, please review details within the course or program you plan to take.

Visit Courses and Programs for a full list of courses and programs. Click on the enrol button in the course overview section to register. Learners can register and pay for courses/programs through UBCO’s Canvas Catalog. Please review course prerequisites before enroling.

For more information about registration, visit Registration and Payments.

Your courses are accessible through UBC Okanagan’s non-credit learning management platform, UBCO’s Canvas Catalog.

To access your courses, sign in to UBCO’s Canvas Catalog with the username and password you created during registration. If your course requires a CWL, please use your CWL login information. All courses you are currently enrolled in will be located on the dashboard under the in-progress tab. To access course content, please open the course with the ‘Go-to Course’ button. Alternatively, you can click on your name at the top of the dashboard and select Canvas in the dropdown menu bar.


Payment and Cancellations

Payments can be made using Visa or Mastercard through UBCO’s Canvas Catalog by clicking on the Enrol button on the course details page. All fees are payable in Canadian dollars. Depending on the program or course, other arrangements may be available*. Please look at the course details page before contacting the unit responsible for your program or course.

For more payment policies, visit Registration and Payments.

Yes, taxes are included in the pricing. Please review the course details for more information on course costs.

Currently, no refunds are available for voluntary withdrawals from a course. Please review policies to learn more about withdrawing from a course.

If a course is cancelled, a full refund is automatically processed and sent to you.



UBC Okanagan’s non-credit learning management platform is UBCO’s Canvas Catalog.

UBCO’s Canvas Catalog allows learners to register or log in to pay for courses/programs, manage their courses, receive an unofficial transcript, generate unofficial completion certificates, and access Canvas- where course content is available.

  • UBCO’s Canvas Catalog can be accessed through a web browser and supports using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. UBCO’s Canvas Catalog will not work with Internet Explorer. To verify your device’s browser is compatible with UBCO’s Canvas Catalog, visit the Canvas Catalog supported browser page.
  • UBC employees and students can access UBCO’s Canvas Catalog using their UBC CWL (Campus-Wide Login). If you are not a UBC employee or student, you can sign up for a UBCO’s Canvas Catalog account upon course registration.
  • Some courses may require a CWL account. This will be specified in the course details. For more information on creating a CWL account, please see these instructions.

Please check your junk/spam folder or use the search in your email. If you cannot find the email after these troubleshooting steps, please contact support.

To reset your UBCO’s Canvas Catalogue password, select the ‘Forgot Password’ on the sign-in page and follow the instructions. For detailed steps, please follow the password reset instructions.

For CWL accounts, follow these instructions.

Please try resetting your password by clicking ‘Forgot my Password’ on the sign-in page. See the question above for more details on resetting your password.

If you are still unable to log in, please contact support.

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